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Clearance!! Desert Sand Maxi Wall Panelling - 2.4m x 1200mm x 10mm

£33.00 Inc VAT

Desert Sand Maxi Wall Panelling - 2.4m x 1200mm x 10mm 

This interior decorative panelling is 1200mm wide and 10mm thick and comes in a height of 2400mm.

  • Perfect for bathroom and shower applications.

The Maxi shower wall panel features a flush style fitting and is made to fit the two most common widths of modern shower trays. The 1200mm (120cm) widths come in a square edge fit.

The panels are 10mm in thickness and provide a 100% waterproof covering for your shower wall. These panels can also be used for covering full walls with the use of a H- Section profile trim.

The unique 1200mm panel width ensures they can be installed in shower units quicker and easier than any other panelling or tile product on the market today.