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An easy to follow guide on how to fit our bathroom cladding panels.

There are 3 recommended ways to fix your Wall Panels.

  1. Glue
    • Using glue to attach your wall panels is the simplest method, we recommend using high power adhesive. You should use approximately 1 tube of glue per 2 panels for strong hold.  Your panels should also be fitted to a relatively flat surface to ensure all the glue is in contact with the wall.
    • Simply place the glue in an S-shaped form from the top of the panel to the bottom and slot it into place using the tongue and groove system. We recommend holding the panel securely in place for a few seconds to give the glue chance to stick.
  2. Staples
    • ​You can use strong staples to fasten your Wall Panels to your wall, simply slot your panel into place and secure along the lip of the panel with the staple gun, ensure that your panel is in the correct place before stapling. Note that the staples will not be visible when the next panel slots into place because of the tongue and groove system.
  3. Screws
    • ​This method is the same as for the staples, simply make sure your panel is in the correct place and screw an even number of screws down the lip of the panel to hold it in place, then slot your next panel in and repeat the process.

Cutting the wall panels to size

Our Wall Panels are designed to be easy to cut to size, they have a corrugated structure making them strong, but also lightweight.  Simply measure your panels and mark where you intend to cut, then using a standard hacksaw, hand saw or Stanley knife, carefully cut the panel to your desired size, if there are any rough edges simply use a small piece of sand paper to gently remove them taking care to avoid damaging the panel.

Fitting the wall panels together

The Wall Panels fit together using a tongue and groove system similar to laminate flooring, where each panel interlocks with the next for a secure fit. Which will also hide any fixings you may have used if you haven't used glue.

Fitting wall panels into a wet room or shower enclosure

If you intend to use your panels in a wet environment, where splashes of water will be falling on the panels, we strongly recommend using a silicone sealant between the joins in each panel for a watertight finish.  This will ensure that no water will get behind your panels and cause damp or damage. You must also take into consideration the direction the water will flow off your panels, make sure that there are no areas where the water can run behind the panels in your shower area.

Our Wall & Ceiling Panels are designed to be fitted with minimal rig-moral and effort, we have listed these fitting instructions as a guide only and can not take any responsibility for damaged or wrongly fitted panels.

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