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Pale Grey Mosaic Panel 2.7mtrs x 300mm x 8mm

£219.60 Inc VAT

Pale Grey Mosaic Panels 2.7mtrs x 300mm x 8mm

  • Special Order Item: Sold in boxes of 10 panels only
  • Please Allow 7-14 working days

mosaic is a piece of art made from the assemblage of small pieces of coloured materials; traditionally this has been glass or stone. It is most often used as decorative art or as an interior decoration.

This PVC panel not only duplicates the beauty of this art but also adds a hygienic element. The PVC Decorative wall panels have been designed with a V groove type fitting, The design of the panels create a fantastic interlocking system meaning each panel no matter the colour in this range will all work in harmony, allowing you to create truly stunning and beautiful art for your wall. The imitation the Elegance mosaic range offer is truly outstanding.

This Elegant Mosaic panel does not require any grouting; therefore will not support bacterial growth meaning no unsightly black mould will occur, the panels are also class 1 fire rated for peace of mind and 100% waterproof.