Casement Windows

Casement windows are one of the most popular styles in the UK for a number of reasons. They are reliable, durable, energy-efficient and extremely customisable to suit a variety of styles and budgets. The word ‘casement’ literally refers to the part of a window that opens. Casement windows are categorised as simply a style of window that is attached to the frame with hinges at the side, top or bottom. They’ve been around for a long time, and they’re now one of the most common and convenient of all window styles.

From slider and bay to hopper and skylight, there are a lot more window styles to choose from than most people think. The casement window is an increasingly popular style with several advantages that make it a great choice for most.

· Design Variety

Casement windows are incredibly versatile, almost endlessly customisable and designed to suit a wide variety of property styles. They are available in a variety of colours, with multi-locking security features, and quality frames made with materials such as uPVC, known for offering high levels of thermal comfort and durability.

· Ease of Use

For those who struggle with mobility, casement windows are a fantastic style option. They are incredibly easy to open, close and lock, thanks to their simple lever latches, and can even be fitted with an automatic opener.

· Energy Efficiency

Casement windows have strong seals on all four sides, which make them one of the most energy-efficient styles of window on the market and great for reducing your heating bill. When the window is closed, the seals and double-glazing prevent excess heat loss. If you need a little extra ventilation, however, you can open the window to let in as much or as little air as you like.

· Ventilation

Thanks to their door-like opening feature, casement windows can be controlled to supply more or less ventilation depending on your needs, allowing for better control over the environment inside your home.

· Clear Views

One of the most impressive features of the casement window style is that it offers an unobstructed view to the outside and lets in more natural light when open fully.

· Security

Casement windows are considered to be one of the safest styles around. They have incredibly tight seals and most of the hardware is hidden beneath the frame, which makes them almost impossible to interfere with.

All our casement windows are argon filled and are supplied with warm edge and trickle vents as standard.

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