Whether you are a growing family, want a separate area for entertaining, need additional living space or, with more of us working from home, a home office - a conservatory is the ideal addition to your home.

A conservatory provides ample natural light and, even in the winter months sunlight will heat the conservatory saving money on energy bills.

In addition to the gorgeous additional space a conservatory can make a stunning horticultural area for those who have “green fingers”. The environment that a conservatory creates is perfect for plants to thrive all year round.

The conservatory has seen many advances, long gone are the freezing winter months and the sauna like conditions of summer. With insulation and numerous roofing options there is now no reason why a conservatory can’t be comfortably used all year round.

We can supply and install the following types of Conservatories which are all bespoke. We also offer installation of electrics and an extensive range of internal panelling to make your dream conservatory a reality.

Lean-To Conservatories

A popular design choice that gives great flexibility. The clean lines will compliment every property style.

Lean-to conservatories are considered the simplest conservatory design. The modern lean-to conservatory roof slopes away from the home.

Lean-to conservatories include large areas of glazing, often supported by a dwarf wall with a symmetrical square or rectangular floor plan.

Lean to Conservatory

Victorian Conservatories

Victorian Conservatories are a classic style typically defined by a steeply-pitched roof and a bay front.

The Victorian Conservatory is perfect for regal and sophisticated properties as they add a sense of grandeur with its sharp edges, extravagant detailing and heavy ornamentation which is found all over the style’s ridges and roof.

Victorian Conservatories allow for a large amount of customisation.

Victorian Conservatory

Edwardian Conservatories

Edwardian Conservatories offer the classic conservatory style and feature more subdued lines and ornamentation than its Victorian counterpart.

This style of Conservatory usually has plain glass and a symmetrical shape (square or rectangle) which means that floor space is maximised. It also has a flat front that’s more in-keeping with the style’s symmetrically tidy design.

This classic style conservatory, although less “grand” than its Victorian counterpart certainly does not lack in appearance. This can be customised easily for personal preference in keeping with the existing properties own style and personality.

Edwardian Conservatory

Gulled Wing Conservatories

The Gull Wing Conservatory maximises floor area and has all the elegance and sophistication of the Victorian Conservatory roof. It gets its name from the way they are shaped like a birds wing.

This style of conservatory is hugely versatile and therefore a suitable extension for the wide range of properties - whether small, large, single or multi-storey.

The Gull Wing Conservatory can make the ideal extension for a kitchen or dining room and, can be built to run along the whole length of your home. This will allow light to fill your home and improve how you use it.

The Gull Wing style suits any home, whether modern or traditional.

Double Hipped or Gulled Winged

Gable End Conservatory

A Gable-End Conservatory is designed to offer a touch of grandeur and style.

This style has a square or rectangular room with a gable front in order to maximise height, light and space.

With a gable-end conservatory, the front of the roof doesn't slope back to the centre. Instead, the front stays upright, like the end of a house.

These conservatories have a square floor plan which is ideal for placing furniture, plants and other aesthetic additions.

Gable End Conservatory

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