Flush Windows

Flush Windows

Flush casement windows are a new and increasingly popular innovation in window design. Simply explained, when this particular style of window is closed, it sits flush within the frame and creates a smooth, flat surface on the outside without any overlap.

Flush casement windows are elegant and stylish with clean, simple lines, and they’re popular because they combine the innovations of modern design with a traditional style. Historically, many windows were created to fit flush within the frame, but since the 1950s, lipped casements became more and more popular and were eventually adopted into most homes. Fortunately, exciting technologies have made Flush Casement windows more accessible

Flush casement windows are a classic design that have been around for centuries. In fact, they date back to somewhere around the 16th century, and original versions are still found to this day in some of the UK’s more historic buildings. Let’s look at why they are seeing a comeback:

· Style and Substance

Modern Flush Casement windows have all of the amazing features of the original historic versions, without any of the issues, which is one of the reasons why they’re so popular. Simply put, they look beautiful, but they also do the job well.

· Good Value for Money

Considering they have such a dramatic visual appeal, there isn’t a whole lot of difference in price between Flush Casement Windows and Lipped Casement Windows. Therefore, they are a viable option for most homeowners and represent good value for money.

· Heritage

If you live in an older style house, heritage building, or a home with a distinctive character that you want to preserve, Flush Casement Windows are a great option. The style suits a wide variety of buildings, have a historic feel and come in an array of colours, sizes and finishes to suit your needs perfectly.

All our flush windows have argon filled glazing and are supplied with warm edge and trickle vents as standard.

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