Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows have really come along way with state-of-the-art precision engineering. These windows come in a range of styles and designs allowing the profiles to be tailored to suit your exact project requirements

The aluminium windows you see today are at the pinnacle of architectural glazing solutions. The inherent strength of aluminium allows the frame to be much narrower than the PVC and timber alternatives, which also means that they have a significantly larger glass area.

Aesthetically, aluminium is an excelled choice. There are no unsightly welded joints like with uPVC and unlike timber there is no need for ongoing maintenance.

Combine all the advantages with excellent performance in terms of security, thermal insulation, sound insulation and weatherproofing, it’s hard to see why you would choose any other material but aluminium for your windows.

There are lots of reasons behind the ever-growing popularity of aluminium windows, including their good looks.

They are:

  • Resilient to warping, corrosion and flexing
  • Lightweight and versatile but durable
  • Long lasting (up to 30-40 years)
  • Almost completely maintenance free
  • 100% recyclable
  • Aluminium windows provide fantastic insulation and keep in the warmth inside for long periods making them very energy efficient.
  • Available in a massive range of colours 

Aluminium windows use thermal break technology, meaning that they have a barrier between the inner and outer panes of glass.

The barrier is made of a less conductive material and this stops heat from being transferred — they basically keep heat in and cold out.

Aluminium windows are also useful for using in listed properties and in Conservation areas, as they can create styles of windows relatively easily.

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