French Doors

The French door originated in France (believe it or not) between the 16th and 17th Century. These doors have glass panels that extend from top to bottom and provide a perfect proportion of natural light in the home and an unobstructive view. 

In the UK the French door is extremely popular because of the classic look.

External French doors are a great option for a grand entrance to your home. They are usually stronger when compared to internal French doors because they are made to stand up to the elements. External French doors offer durability and security and are designed to be robust, you can rest assured that when purchasing your French door from us they will keep intruders out and you and your home safe.

Our French doors are available in a few different frame options – PVC, Composite, Timber and Aluminium.

UPVC Framed French Doors

Like the standard entrance door, UPVC French doors are secure, thermally efficient, weather resistant and generally hard wearing. As the glazing is usually double, they are great at keeping noise out and heat in

Composite Framed French Doors

Composite French doors certainly give a strong first impression and are an excellent addition to a home where you want to create a seamless entrance to an outdoor space, this may be a garden, balcony or patio area.

Composite features remarkable insulating and secure foam core intelligently enclosed by a glass reinforced plastic skin. This intelligent design makes composite doors resistant to weathering and virtually maintenance-free.

Composite French doors are an excellent investment for you and your home giving strength and security whilst offering elegance and all the benefits you expect from a French Door.

Timber Framed French Doors

Timber is the traditional material for a French door frame, but luckily, they are not of the same technology of the 1600s. Massive advances in technology and the make-up of these Frames has seen Hardwood and steel-reinforced timber construction now being used in all our Timber frames.

These doors are the most common choice due to the strength and stability of the timber. Timber French doors give your home a traditional look. All our timber doors are pre treated to protect them from damage caused by the Great British Weather.

Aluminium framed French doors 

Are becoming a very popular choice and are possibly the strongest type of French doors because of this Aluminium framed French Doors are very well suited for use as an exterior door. 

As aluminium is rust-proof and easy to maintain, this type of French door can be expected to look its best for many years without hassle. 

Aluminium Frames are a lot slimmer than uPVC, timber and composite frames, and are often chosen for that aesthetic.