Timber Windows

Timber Windows

Timber windows hold a traditional charm and can be fitted in almost any type of home. For UK homeowners who are considering replacement windows, wooden window frames retain a period look that is lost with modern uPVC installations.

It’s impossible to overlook the many benefits and advantages of timber windows. From their charming aesthetics to helping to lower your heating bills, you’d be hard pushed to find a better material for windows.

Thermal Efficiency

Keeping the heating bills down is a priority for about every homeowner. And timber windows can help!

Timber has a low thermal conductivity rating which means that it holds great insulation properties.


Timber is a desirable window frame material for many homeowners. Mainly because it offers more character than the alternatives, such as uPVC and aluminium.

Environmentally Friendly 

Installing timber windows can actually help to remove carbon (a leading cause of climate change) from the atmosphere. This is because plant-based organisms, like trees, absorb carbon. Just make sure that the wood for your timber windows has been sustainably sourced.


Wood is well proven at standing any tests thrown at it by the weather. Whether it’s rain, wind or heat, wood will remain strong.

For added assurance, timber frame windows are fitted to standards set by the TRADA Q-Mark High Performance Timber Windows Scheme.

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